megalon c+


Micromolecular additive based on a modernized patented mixture of complex hydrocarbons and friction modifiers for engines and manual transmissions, which reduces friction and wear and extends life. After its incorporation (driving at least 500 km), a protective layer is formed, which, even during cold starts, significantly protects the engine against wear and prolongs its service life.


For new and older engines, turbo engines and manual transmissions.


It is applied in a 5 - 10% ratio to the oil filling. In extreme conditions, it is advisable to use a higher concentration. For the first application, we recommend using a concentration of 10% to create the maximum protective microlayer. With further regular use, a so-called "maintenance dose" of approx. 5 - 7.5% will suffice.


The additive is not suitable for automatic transmissions (manual only). The high efficiency of the additive can reduce friction so much that it jeopardizes the transmission of "torque".


250 ml, 5 l, 200 l

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